The Boy with the Aubergine Hair - Minuit

Minuit once again. This track is relatively commercial, appearing on the radiowaves of New Zealand even today. It can be found on Minuit’s 2003 release album “The 88“. Lead singer Ruth Carr was diagnosed with cancer while recording “The Guards Themselves”, underwent surgery, then went on a world tour with a new lease on life.

I had the privilege of seeing them live, perhaps no longer possible as in November 2014 they had a “Final Fling” tour. Electronica live can be tricky, but they knew what to do, and blasted it.
Along with their early track “Menace”, “The Boy With the Aubergine Hair” was one of the anthems that launched them.

This track seems so complete, it’s hard to believe after listening that it’s only 3:09 minutes long. Strong vocals carry you through varied music and a satisfying beat. I nice listen, which I wish was longer.
One of those rare tracks where the “radio mix” is equally as good as a qualified lounge music track.