If I gave u th mic - (mt) peace please remix - Sheelahroc

Sheelahroc were formed in Christchurch, NZ in 1999, initially with 8 members from all sorts of ethnic groups. They lasted until 2002, long enough to release this great track. It also launched the vocal powerhouse that is Karoline Tamati, better known as Ladi6 who went on to a stellar solo career. I’ve seen Ladi6 live and it’s a power voice not easily forgotten.

The original “If I gave u th’ mic” is a great track, but possibly not ideal for the lounge music genre. This version however, the (mt) Peace Please Remix, published by Kontrabande Music, changes it’s tone, so that it fits right in.

With a mellow start including nice guitar work, hinting at a slow pace, while still chillout-eligible we are pleasantly tricked into a slightly more upbeat bass line. Ladi6’s strong vocals normally power the track, but with this remix, she takes a back seat and is more of an accompanying vocal, with the music itself taking the main stage as a prime lounge track. Seven enjoyable minutes.