One Word Extinguisher - Prefuse 73

Prefuse 73 .. one of the many aliases of Guillermo Scott Herren, a Florida born musician suffering from an identity crisis, also going by the names of Delarosa & Asora, Ahmad Szabo, Piano Overlord, and part of the groups Savath y Savalas, Sons of the Morning, Risil, and Diamond Watch Wrists.
Starting out as a club DJ, then a hip-hop producer, he wanted to create his own music. The moniker Prefuse 73 first released and album in 2000, then an E.P., this song comes from the third album of the same “One Word Extinguisher” title, released in 2003.

A quirky, funky track with a great beat, devoid of vocals, to raise the mood. Whether Chillout or Midpace is hard to choose as it seems to fit into both tempos, “upbeat chillout”, if there is such a thing. A great tune that stays busy throughout its 4 minute run.