Summer Tune - Soulboy

A tragically unknown track, found buried on a 2002 compilation CD, with little to go on except it’s from New Zealand artist Cameron Fisher, other wise known as Soulboy. 13 years is a long time, even the compilation CD can’t be bought anymore. At least, I feel I am doing my part to try and get this storming track known.

If I had to really think about my favourite lounge music track, this would have to be in the top 5. In addition, it’s that rare and elusive creature, the “upbeat lounge music” track. Chillout, and Midpace, there are many. Upbeat, not many at all. At least, not many good ones. And there are those that (subjectively) stray over to House or other formats.
And lyrics? We don’t need no steenking lyrics.

Not so here.. if you like lounge music, and you are in the mood to crank it up, look no further. Right from the first bars the beat smacks up the speakers, at 1:40 my skin starts to tingle as one of the best buildups ever creeps in, at two minutes the full bass line is under way, at 2:48 the main line starts, teasing us oh so much, until finally at 4:03 we are rewarded, assuming your speakers have not exploded at this point.

Seven glorious minutes. Play it now, play it loud.