Let'n off shots - Murk 108

Kiwi Ahmen Mahal, MC for the more well known band Rhombus, brings us his debut solo single in 2002, with Let’n Off Shots. Son of a blues musician, he is a true all-rounder, playing bass, keys, guitar and drums in addition to his vocals. He describes his philosophy: “It is like a one man band times infinity – you are only limited by your own ideas.” There was not much from him as a solo artist, his band Rhombus continues through to more modern times.

This track starts us off with some quirky vocals, leaving the listener unsure if it’s some form of hip-hop track, before launching into a bass line at 30 seconds in a more familiar lounge music vein. With vocal effects over top throughout, it merges with some rewarding music. A jaunty number to make a light break from heavier tracks.