Fireside Favourite - Groove Armada

Lounge legends Groove Armada come with a great track record for releasing quality music since the last millennium, and for reinventing themselves with a variety of musical styles.
I only came across this track quite a long time after it’s release. Tracking it’s history, it seems to have come from the 2001 album “I Am Fearless, Funky & Five“, but also on a re-release of their first ever 1998 album Northern Star, replacing the At The River track. It seems that it was born in 2001. Once I had heard it, I wanted it, although it took a while to track down, eventually inspiring a 6-CD chillout compliation purchase.

A nicely constructed track, the rain and crackling fire sound effects lending atmosphere without feeling too cheesy. The man track cruises along nicely, not using vocals, with a catchy tune I find myself wishing was a bit longer than it’s 4:20 duration. A strong contenter for any chillout playlist.