Fanfare of Life - Leftfield

Leftfield are a firmly established part of lounge music legacy.
The song “Fanfare of life” traces its roots back nearly a quarter of a century. It began life in 1992 as companion track to “Song of life”, which in the early days, reached a mere 59th place in the UK charts.
Having taken over the world in 1995 with the ultimate classic album Leftism, the track “Song of life” was credited as one of two that rewrote the British house music scene. Fanfare also enjoyed continuing fame as a similar yet distinct mix, appealing to lounge listeners everywhere.

This version treats us to six minutes of classic chillout beats, emphasised by classic “fanfare” sounds throughout. It starts with classic female backing sounds and instrumentals, soothing us into the mood until a relaxing rolling meet comes in around 1 and a half minutes. The beat carries us along on clouds sound taking it’s time to deliver us a resounding classic.