Fireside Favourite – Groove Armada

Lounge legends Groove Armada come with a great track record for releasing quality music since the last millennium, and for reinventing themselves with a variety of musical styles.
I only came across this track quite a long time after it’s release. Tracking it’s history, it seems to have come from the 2001 album “I Am Fearless, Funky & Five“, but also on a re-release of their first ever 1998 album Northern Star, replacing the At The River track. It seems that it was born in 2001. Once I had heard it, I wanted it, although it took a while to track down, eventually inspiring a 6-CD chillout compliation purchase.

A nicely constructed track, the rain and crackling fire sound effects lending atmosphere without feeling too cheesy. The man track cruises along nicely, not using vocals, with a catchy tune I find myself wishing was a bit longer than it’s 4:20 duration. A strong contenter for any chillout playlist.

Summer Tune – Soulboy

A tragically unknown track, found buried on a 2002 compilation CD, with little to go on except it’s from New Zealand artist Cameron Fisher, other wise known as Soulboy. 13 years is a long time, even the compilation CD can’t be bought anymore. At least, I feel I am doing my part to try and get this storming track known.

If I had to really think about my favourite lounge music track, this would have to be in the top 5. In addition, it’s that rare and elusive creature, the “upbeat lounge music” track. Chillout, and Midpace, there are many. Upbeat, not many at all. At least, not many good ones. And there are those that (subjectively) stray over to House or other formats.
And lyrics? We don’t need no steenking lyrics.

Not so here.. if you like lounge music, and you are in the mood to crank it up, look no further. Right from the first bars the beat smacks up the speakers, at 1:40 my skin starts to tingle as one of the best buildups ever creeps in, at two minutes the full bass line is under way, at 2:48 the main line starts, teasing us oh so much, until finally at 4:03 we are rewarded, assuming your speakers have not exploded at this point.

Seven glorious minutes. Play it now, play it loud.

19c Trumpet – Cuffy & Leon D

19c Trumpet comes from Cuffy & Leon D, otherwise known as A. Cuff and L. Dahl.
Cuffy started on the scene as a DJ in 1997 around Auckland, and joined the Red Bull DJ Academy in Dublin.
Leon started with playing guitar in Rock band Fat Mannequin. In 1998 he switched from guitar to keyboards and samplers, DJing regularly in Auckland and Wellington.
Cuffy and Leon teamed up in 1999 and led to this great track, published by Reliable Records.

As the name suggests, trumpets abound. It’s mostly instrumental, with said trumpets and solid accompanying bass taking you along. After many listens over more than ten years, it’s a track that doesn’t get old very fast. Let the well crafted horn section take you through this 9-minute work of art, and you might find an urge to add it to your permanent lounge music favourites.

Pressures – Audiosauce

Have you ever been really familiar with a track that you found on a compilation, or for the older ones out there, a mix tape, and not been able to find it anywhere else? This is the case with this track, Pressures, from Wellington band Audiosauce. While there is no doubt it is the product of Miles Tilly, looking around the web I cannot find it on any tracklists from Audiosauce albums. It comes from the excellent Radioactive Silver Selections mix from 2002. It’s possible it was just released on single, but if so, what a waste!
I have to admit I am having some trouble describing this superb track, simply because I have heard it so many times that it has become as familiar as an old pair of shoes.

We are led early into the relaxed beat, vocals and instruments, starting out as they mean to go on. It’s definitely all about the music, with occasional backing vocals, both male and female, just dropping in to assist the music, taking us on a journey in one of those spatial, floating in outer space sort of ways perfect for chillout.

Probably a desert island track for me, if I had to hear something 1,000 times, this would be it. In fact, I’ve probably already heard it 1,000 times…
You could do a lot worse than adding this underrated and underexposed track to your favourites.